Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WDJD (What Did Jesus Do?)

As someone has said:
It's not that we don't know enough about Jesus.

It's that we know too much!
If we had only one Gospel instead of four:
  • We'd know what Jesus did during the last week of his life, and the order in which he did those things.
  • We'd know what he said on the cross, how the thieves treated him, and if he took the drink.
  • We'd know who was at the tomb.
  • We'd know if the Last Supper was a Passover meal.
  • We'd know when he gave the various parts that make up the Sermon on the Mount (or was it on the Plain?)
  • We'd know if he healed Malchus' ear.
  • We'd know the right version of the Lord's Prayer.
  • We'd know what the words of institution were (maybe; there's still 1 Corinthians).
  • We'd know what he said in His Olivet Discourse, and where he said it.
  • We'd know if he had a long conversation with Pilate.
  • We'd know how many blind men he healed.
  • We'd know his genealogy.
  • We'd know if his ministry lasted just one year, or two to three.
  • We'd know how many times he cleansed the Temple.
  • We'd know if the centurion actually came and spoke with him, or if he only started going to the centurion's house.
  • We'd know the names of his twelve disciples.
  • We'd know how Judas died (unless that one Gospel was Matthew's).
  • We'd know who washed his feet with her hair, and whether she anointed his feet or his head, and whose house it happened in.
Or would we?

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  1. I like the IDEA of this book. I have always disliked the idea of the "WWJD" movement. I don't know why. It just always bothered me. "What Would Jesus Do??" I always want to tell the person wearing the bracelet, shirt, hat, whatever, "Go read your Bible and find out! Or better yet....ASK HIM!" But that's all too practical I suppose.