Thursday, November 29, 2007


Slightly edited from a post at an Orthodox discussion forum:
I remember hearing secondhand that a woman was on some forum (I do not think this one) and her pastor-husband asked her what she was discussing. She replied, "The Trinity." To which he said, "With who?" She said, "The Orthodox." Hearing that, he said, "You're going to lose."

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  1. LOL...

    I recently finished a book on the significance of the Trinity, partly spawned by an experience with friends who now deny the Trinity.

    It seems that in Protestantism, we hold the doctrine of the Trinity high (as in, "don't question it"), and yet it has very little practical/actual application.

    As I said, some friends of ours decided last year that the doctrine of the Trinity was a heresy (got suckered in by a "oneness pentacostal" group) and in response to my concern said,

    "Why do you even care? What significance does the Trinity have? In our couple years of being Christians, we've never once in all the Bible studies we've attended been taught about the Trinity. The word isn't even in the Bible, so what's the big deal?"

    I realized that there was not much I could give as a response.

    As a Protestant, it indeed seems to be an "important doctrine," but...for what reason? Why? What defense did I really have against their Modalistic argument when it came down to how it affects our practical daily life? I sadly realized that I had very little, other than to sputter that it was a creedal doctrine and couldn't be challenged. I felt very inept.