Monday, March 05, 2007

"If someone disagrees, kiss him."

A great post today (slightly edited by me) from a respondent on an Orthodox forum under the topic "Debate with Roman Catholics":
I learned some time ago from debating on this forum, and in general from debating with all those wonderful people that I debated and argued with (or argued against), that there is no true fulfillment in debating, only egoistic pain from proving oneself to be right for the egoistic pleasure of being right.

If someone asks, tell him.
If someone disagrees, kiss him.
If someone argues, leave him.

For much more good can that person receive by your subdued and humble nature than by your arrogant knowledge.

In this you will know how much you care about someone – for every minute spent arguing with someone is a minute wasted not praying for someone.

After all, we with all our knowledge cannot change one iota of someone’s mind without the will of the Lord.

So, pray a lot and argue only a little.


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  1. I agree completely with this. I personally dislike heated arguments especially about theology. I don't mind disagreement at all, but I hate arguments when it becomes all about ego building and people needing to prove themselves. I abstain from such arguments and when people ask questions about theology, my question is why do they want to know. Is it in order to refute it, or in order to want to grow spiritually?